Bringing solar to the rivertowns

  • Solar, designed for the tree-dense suburbs.

    For homeowners, there’s never been a better time to go solar. The size and number of incentives available makes solar panels a safe, profitable, and environmentally sound investment. We will work with you to determine the level of savings and power production you can expect based on your roof size, orientation, and nearby shading.

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  • Solar, making small businesses more profitable.

    Businesses large and small have greater energy burdens than ever before. With ever increasing reliance on digital technology and rising electricity costs, those burdens can make up an ever greater share of the budget. Solar gives businesses the chance to offset their electricity costs while making an environmental statement.

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  • Solar, powering industry and achieving economies of scale.

    For industrial scale facilities with large roofs—space for half a megawatt or more—there is an opportunity not only to offset the massive electricity costs that come with operating large facilities, but to transform those roofs into community solar power plants whereby roof owners can sell subscriptions to their rooftop arrays to local consumers.

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  • Storage, making solar energy available anytime of day.

    We use Enphase and modular Generac batteries to provide you with energy storage that can be drawn from to provide backup power to your home or to further offset energy consumption during the nighttime hours. Battery options are most cost effective for customers on time-of-use rates or those who live in an area where one-to-one net metering is not an option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do solar panels cost in the Rivertowns?

The price will depend primarily on the size of your system, but according to EnergySage, the average cost of a 5kw system in New York is about $15,050. That’s $3.01/watt. After federal, state, and local rebates, the cost of the system can fall by more than half. Those prices assume standard quality products. Here at Rivertown solar we use only the highest quality components for each installation—LG panels, Enphase mircoinverters, and Ironridge racking—while still remaining competitive pricewise for the region.

How much can I expect to save? What’s the return on investment?

Simply put, the more you pay for electricity the more you can potentially save. If your average electric bill is $100 dollars and you install a system that offsets that amount, then you’ll save $1200 a year. If your average bill is $500 a month, then you can save $6,000 a year. Of course a system that offsets a $500 monthly bill will cost more than one that offsets a $100 bill; but economies of scale apply and, generally, the larger the bill offset, the greater the savings and the faster the payback period and ultimate return on investment.

Will the value of my home increase?

Numerous studies, including by Zillow and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, show that the addition of solar boosts home values by several percentage points equating to tens of thousands of dollars for the average Westchester home. Further, solar is the only home improvement that adds value but not extra taxes, thanks to the solar property tax abatement.

What’s the environmental impact of going solar?

The environmental impact of going solar is multifaceted. First, compared to large scale solar plants, rooftop solar has even less of an environmental impact. That’s because there’s no forest or natural habitat to clear, as is the case for the massive solar farms now being developed across the country. Second, solar produces no greenhouse gases. So the amount of fossil fuel generated electricity you’re offsetting is a measure of your newly shrunken ecological footprint.

Our Story

Founded in 2020 by two long-time Rivertowns residents, we are an affiliate of Consolidated Hudson Electric Corp, an Irvington-based electrical contractor, and thus have a team of effectively in-house electricians who will perform all the most technical aspects of the installation—that other solar contractors might struggle with—up to code and in the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing way possible.

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